the finished look..

it’s finally here! Embellished with ‘Emerald’ Baguettes, Carved in 925 Silver, possessed with intricate design elements inspired by Roman Culture! 👑 trust me! It has got a lot more than the Front! Stay tuned for the complete glance! 💍 Advertisements

the word “Art”..

“the word “Art” interests me very much. If it comes from Sanskrit as I have heard, it signifies ‘Making’.” -Marcel Duchamp.(a scuptor, painter and revolutonist in association with Cubism and Plastic Works)👑

the design is coming to life..

‘the design is coming to life 🌿✨’ p.s: it is the Roman Culture Inspired Statement Ring 👑 stay tuned for a glance at the finished piece..

A closer look..

A closer look at the belt; for “the closer you get, the deeper you connect..” remember?? It is a fusion of Metal and Fabric👑

Side waist belt to glorify your outfit…

another Waist belt, inspired from the Grand sets of Mahabharata, and Devdas.this time, complementing the Buckle, is a long white drape.. It sits on the side waist, glorifying your outfit✨ Stay tuned for a close look into the details👑 It is a fusion of metal and fabric..

An artist’s world..

“The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere. Far from where he lives, or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep.” -Paul Strand

Design and Development…

You see this is what design and development is, Nature teaches us that~ a fusion of inspirations ~look how beautifully they blend with one another! 🌿

Roman inspired #2

Second glance, to the ‘Roman Culture’ inspired, design of the Statement Ring. 💍Stay tuned for more!

the Bow..

The bow: cute enough to be worn on your cute little “pinky” finger:

a belt inspired by the grandeur sets…

Because the closer you get, the deeper you connect! ✨ Inspired by the grand sets of Devdas and Mahabharata.. a statement belt, with a fusion of fabric and metal, accompanied by a black drape. Classic !