the Taj Mahal Tiara..

“I cannot tell what I think; I don’t know how to Criticise such a building. I can only tell how I feel. I would die tomorrow to have such another over me.”-Colonel Sleeman’s Wife.  To the great Taj Mahal, a Tiara inspired by this enormous beauty👑

the artistic Cycad..

Top view of a beautiful Cycad Plant. #designinspiration Amazingly, they appeared on the planet during Permian, i.e 280 million years ago, and were Dominant during Jurassic and Triassic Periods!👑 

the Disney Princess Tiara~

the Disney Princess Tiara;because inside every Confident girl, is a Fragile Princess, waiting to be saved👑

Statement ear~piece~

A Design is not what it Looks like and Feels like; Design is how it Works. P.s: another Statement Piece from the Collection inspired by the Great Grand Sets of Devdas and Mahabharata👑

flames of fire…

a Tiara, inspired by : Flames of Fire ✨because as I say; “Nature is Art, unknown to Thee.”👑 

Inspired by a knot..

‘the’ Details are not ‘the’ Details. They make ‘the’ Design. Inspired by a knot 👑

Vortex led me here..

i know it’s hazy; for you to Guess which adornment it is!  P.S: a Vortex led me to this! Stay tuned to find out! 👑

the importance of Tricolour..

Saffron colour : Denotes renunciation or disinterestedness. Our leaders must be indifferent to material gains and dedicate themselves to their work.  White Color: Denotes Light; the path of truth to guide our conduct.  Green: Denotes our relation to (the) Soil, our relation to the Plant life here, on which all other lives depend.   👑